What is focus forward media?

We are a media production company based out of Providence, RI focusing on growing your business using various digital tools. We specialize in Video Production, photography, branding, and social media.

With 10 years of experience, we can work within your budget to help maximize the outcome and give you the best product possible.

Focus Forward prides themselves on making sure that not a penny goes to waste. They are here to maximize every opportunity and to make sure the client is always put above everything else. Focus Forward is a company that will dedicate all the effort necessary in order for the client to get an end result they are ecstatic over. Reach out and say hello using the info below!



Mike Neilan

Back in 2009, Mike fell off his skateboard and almost broke his ankle. After recovering, being scared to continue, he picked up a camera and started making videos of his friends. Fast forward a few years and he's interning with a production company his freshman year of college at Framingham State University. During school, he started doing freelance video work; shooting weddings, corporate events and marketing videos for small businesses. He also worked on commercial sets, movies and documentaries in Western Mass, Boston, New York, and Michigan. From there, he started a company called Neilan Videos doing mainly wedding videos and small business marketing videos. After graduating, while working with an agency, Mike met the other Mike and they began working on various projects together. After some time, they realized their skills worked very well together and they decided to start their own business, Focus Forward Media.


Mike McDonough

Mike has been using and messing around with cameras for as far back as he can remember. After high school, he got his degree in Digital Filmmaking from Champlain College. He then went on to work for multiple media companies and agencies. He has worked in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Vermont, Connecticut and now is back in his home state of Rhode Island. Mike has a wide and diverse background of production experience which makes him such an important part of the team. Focus Forward Media was founded because Mike and Mike realized that it takes multiple people with different skill sets in order to be as proficient as possible.

We've had the pleasure of working with the following brands!